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Performance materials

Performance materials

Synthetic Wood "FFU"

This is a light-weight corrosion-resistant structural material of rigid- foamed urethane reinforced with long glass fibers. While FFU has sufficient strength as a structural material, its weight is as light as wood, and it exhibits excellent workability, durability and water resistance. FFU has been used widely in railway construction, water supply and drainage systems, civil engineering works, architectural works, plant facilities and aquaculture.


"CALMMOON"sheet is an adhesion type of vibration absorbing material, and is applied in the transportation field (railcar, ship, automotive) and the industrial field thanks to its excellent characteristics such as high vibration absorption, high fire retardation, easy installation, light weight and thin thickness.

Thermoforming Sheets

“KYDEX®”Thermoplastic Sheets:“KYDEX®”sheets are high performance thermoplastic sheets made from Acrylic and PVC polymer alloy. High performance for applications of Aircraft interior, Mass transit interior and Medical device enclosures.
“ALLEN®”Thermoplastic Sheets: “ALLEN®”sheets are mainly used for the exterior applications of Vehicle, Construction machinery and Agricultural machinery. Available in ABS, ABS/PC, Acrylic/ABS, HIPS, ASA and Alextra. Alextra is a high-gloss, high-impact sheet at extreme weather conditions.


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