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Building materials and housing equipment

Building materials and housing equipment

Rain Gutter

By complementing roofing and eaves, SEKISUI's Rain Gutters enable you to upgrade your buildings in design and function. High precision manufacturing enables the gutters to be welded leaving no gaps between gutters and joints. It also provides rigid connections and quick and easy installations.
For large buildings: With a simple streamlined design, this gutter performs a variety of tasks for drainage facilities of high-rise buildings, etc.
For Houses: Highly weather-resistant treatment to control discoloration and staining increases the durability of houses. Colorful eaves are available according to the image of houses.

Decorative Floor Material “Cregare”

There are five types of materials plastic, rubber, porcelain tile, natural wood, and natural stone.
Free combination of a variety of products allows users to design an original balcony.

Deck Material

Lightweight load-resistant floor material with a sturdy, hard-tobend structure In addition to the high durability and water - resistance. This long-running product has excellent design and weatherability to resist strong sunlight and rainwater.

Unit Bath(Prefabricated Bath)

For pleasure of your bathing time, we propose this Unit Bath. Jacuzzi and various shower will make you very comfortable. Especially C-ring and mist type shower make you hot even in winter with saving water. And more, the bench in the bathroom support your relaxation bathing, washing, stretching, and taking a rest. This Unit Bath can make The issue of wastewater treatment is insepa- you image easily various bathing time.

Hard Polypropylene Foam “Zetlon”

In this lightweight hard foam board, each piece of rugbyball- shaped non-crosslinked foam made mostly from polypropylene is arrayed in the thickness direction to make the board compression resistant but flexible enough to be bent easily.


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