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Industrial piping materials

Industrial piping materials

This is a valve product that enables manual setting of the loaded volumes and flow volumes of chemicals that flow through plant pipes. This plastic product is highly corrosion-resistant and even acid and alkali chemicals will not cause decay or leakage.

Special Pipings for Industrial Applications

Valves / Sensors

"ESLON" manual & automatic type of plastic valves are excellent in corrosion and chemical  resistance. Available inPVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF. In acoordance with JIS, ASTM and ISO for joint.

Clean Pipes

"Super Eslo Clean" Pipes are excellent in elution characteristic and lower construction cost for high purity applications such as Semi-conductor, FPD and Solar panel industry.

CPVC Resin and Compound

CPVC Resin and Compound have heat and chemical resistance, and certificated in NSF.


Sch80 PVC&CPVC Pipes are thick walled pipe with higher pressure in accordance with ASTM Standard and excellent in chemical resistance.


FW Pipes are the PVC or CPVC(HT) Pipes reinforced by FRP and excellent in higher pressure resistance ,high temperature, small deflection, and lower thermal expansion and contraction.

Higher Chemical Resistance Pipes

Specialized three types of pipes for industrial applications

Static Dissipative Sheets for Semiconductor Applications

DC Plate

This product guards cutting-edge technologies from static electricity and electromagnetic disturbances that have caused problems for semiconductors and other electronic products.


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