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Pipe materials

Pipe materials

Together with global economic development, shortages have arisen in water needed for living and for agricultural use around the world. To resolve such maldistribution of water, need is growing for water environment-related infrastructure around the world, including long-distance transportation of water from water sources to areas where it is needed and desalination of seawater.
Sekisui Chemical works proactively to meet infrastructure needs around the world, not just developing infrastructure in Japan. It contributes to improving the world’s water environment by putting to use the technologies and expertise it has built up in Japan in areas such as supply of high-quality plastic pipes with outstanding durability and corrosion resistance.

Water Supply System

Water Transmission Pipe from water source to areas

  • GRP Pipe (Glass-reinforced Plastic Pipe)
    Reinforced plastic pipe with extremely excellent earthquake resistance, flow characteristics, and strength.

Distribution pipes for supplying water to respective houses and buildings

  • Earthquake-resistant High-perfomance PE Pipe
    Earthquake-resistant flexible polyethylene pipe with highly reliable EF fittings, which eliminates the fear of breakage or water leakage due to land subsidence.
  • Impact-resistant Unplasticized PVC Pipe
    The impact resistance is more than double in comparison with conventional HI pipes, preventing an impact fracture accident due to impact during work.

Electric Power & Communication / Gas

  • Protection Pipe for Electric Power & Communication
    This pipe compactly contains electric power and communication cables in a space under roads.
  • PE Pipe for Gas
    Polyethylene pipe and fittings resistant to corrosion due to stray current and acid soil.

Sewage System

Sewage pipes for collecting wastewater from respective houses and buildings

  • Sewage Pipe and Manholes
    PVC sewage pipe and manholes with excellent corrosion resistance and water tightness.

Large diameter pipes for collecting wastewater from various areas and sending it to wastewater treatment facilities

  • Measures for high head drop“Drop Shaft” /GRP Pipe
    This high-strength plastic pipe with a spiral structure allows water to flow down smoothly to solve the problem of the head drop of pipelines.
    The pipe permits rainwater storage in a tens of meters deep place.

Measures for Rainwater

  • Rain Station 500 for Side Street
    Rain station is ideal for rainwater collection and infiltration in a small area under a side street

Water supply pipes for sending water to respective houses and offices in buildings

Water Raiser Pipe

  • High-performance PE Pipe
    Polyethylene water distribution and supply lines materialize an entirely plastic system from under a road up to a building.

Hot & Cold System

  • PE-Xb(Cross Linked PE)
    Long and soft polyethylene pipe can be arranged freely under the floor and above the ceiling of a building.

Air Conditioner Pipe

  • Multilayer Pipe
    Lightweight and flexible, maintaining a curved shape. It ensures low-cost and quick installation, having the merits of both plastic and metal pipes.

Drain pipes for leading sewage water discharged from houses and offices to sewage system

Drain Pipe

  • 3Liner Pipe
    Recycled PVC pipe is changed into a raw material and used as an intermediate layer.
  • Fire-shield for Buidings Drain-Lining Pipe Rigid PVC Pipe
    Drain pipe and ventilation pipe of the building prevent fire.
    No change in fire limits and pipes and no work to pass pipes through fire limits!

Vertical Drain Pipe

  • Drain-Lining Pipe
    Pipingmaterial for building drainage made by lining the inner surface of thin steel pipes, which have the external diameter specified in Carbon Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping, with  PVC-U pipe.

Water Storage Tank

  • FRP Sectional Water Tank
    Our Water Storage Tanks are constructed of panels made from Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester(FRP).
    Easy installation with on-site bolt assembly.
    Panel assembly allows free design of shape and volume.


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