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Optical adhesive tape and film, Double-faced tape

Optical adhesive tape and film, ITO film

Our industrial tape is the result of our studies and analysis of the environment and conditions of use according to applications, and the search for the best possible combination of tape base material and adhesive material. Using our original adhesive control technique, Sekisui has produced many types of high-performance tape. The range of applications is not limited to general applications such as home use or construction work but also reaches into leading-edge technology areas, including electrical and electronic products such as circuit boards.

Protective Film for Optical Use

The tapes protect the surfaces of various LCD optical films, such as those for polarization, retardation, diffusion, and brightness enhancement. Our products protect optical films in various scenes, including production, processing, and transportation.

Protective Film for Photo Masks

Developed with full use of Sekisui's long-established adhesive and optical technologies, and its precise clean-coating technology. This is an adhesive sheet achieved by evenly coating a thin layer of a special adhesive on an extremely thin polyester film in a clean room.
Main applications: Surface protection for photo masks for printed circuit board processes

Double-faced Adhesive Tape

Developed using Sekisui's unique, versatile adhesive technology and base material characteristics. It is used widely in many areas, including the housing area, automotive area, and electronics area.
Main applications: Home electronics appliances, automotive parts, mobile phones, and housing materials.

Nano metal coating technology

Products of masaTM are fiber sheets coated with a superior nano-scale metal film that include textiles, knitted materials, nonwoven fabrics and other types of sheets. With this thin, uniform metal coating, it is possible to create highly functional fibers that have various added values. SEKISUI NANO COAT TECHNOLOGY uses a unique, patented technique. SEKISUI has achieved the only market application of the technology in the world.


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