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LCD fine particles, Photosensitive materials, Semiconductor materials

LCD fine particles, Photosensitive materials, Semiconductor materials

Sekisui Chemical, which has a long track record all over the world, offers a variety of products that meet LCD manufacturers’ demands, and plays a big part in the development of LCDs. Our products manufactured with our proprietary technology anticipate users’ needs. Sekisui Chemical also performs customized product development.

LCD Spacer

"Micropearl," a fine plastic sphere, the result of Sekisui's fine particle technology, and essential for production of larger and clearer LCDs. These particles, several micrometers in diameter, are sprayed between glass substrates to maintain an even cell gap.

Conductive Fine particle

Sekisui's precise, fine plastic sphere, which has long been used as a spacer, has now become conductive. It is widely used in LCD and device mounting, and contributes to size reduction and higher degrees of integration and reliability of IT equipment.


UV adhesive for use in LCD end seals. Offers a wide range of options for many types of panels. Please feel free to inquire.

LCD fine particles, Photosensitive materials, Semiconductor materials

Utilizing its proprietary technology, the Specialty Chemicals division mainly produces high-performance resins to meet a variety of market needs in many fields such as electronics, information recording materials, automotive industry, and industrial materials. It offers a variety of products to meet its customers' needs.


Polyvinyl acetal resin which consists primarily of polyvinyl butyral resin (PVB) produced using Sekisui’s proprietary technology. Butyral resin made its debut as an interlayer for laminated safety glass. Since then, its excellent characteristics have become widely recognized, and it is now used in a wide range of products. Our S-LEC K series (special polyvinyl acetal resin) has widened the range of applications.
Main applications: Coating materials, printing inks, and adhesives.

Sekisui PVC-HA

Rigid polyvinyl chloride resin with high heat resistance. It is made by chlorination of a special polyvinyl chloride copolymer and offers improved heat characteristics without sacrificing the excellent performance of a polyvinyl chloride copolymer. It also offers excellent characteristics in a wide range of applications requiring heat resistance.
Main applications: Industrial sheets, heat flame resistant films and cards, automobile parts and heat-resistant pipes and fittings

Sekisui PVC-TG

Rigid polyvinyl chloride resin with excellent weather resistance and impact resistance. It is a graft copolymer consisting of rubber elastic EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) as its backbone, with a polymerized polyvinyl chloride graft. This copolymer combines rubber elasticity and low temperature characteristics with mechanical properties and chemical resistance. The rigidity of the copolymer can be changed over the range from rigid to non-rigid.
Main applications: Impact-resistant pipes, automobile parts, and non-rigid sheets


ADVANCELL is a functional microsphere which was developed using SEKISUI’s well-known microsphere manufacturing technology. By incorporating various characteristics on its structure, we make it possible to obtain excellent functionality to various applications, such as plastic molding, wall paper, coatings, and multi hollow ceramics. Within this page, you will be able to find a variety of different grades of microspheres including grades still under development.


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