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"Lifeline Innovation for Our Future"
We contribute to the development of safe and convenient infrastructure and water environments.

Piping and Infrastructure

We supply a wide range of piping materials, including water supply/drainage and air conditioning pipes for residences and buildings, high performance pipes for plants, and other pipes for water supply/sewerage in the public sector, for agricultural water, and for electricity and gas supply systems.
In addition to construction materials for repair, rehabilitation, and renewal to help solve the social problem of aging infrastructure, we also provide "manhole toilets" and other products for use in the event of a disaster.


  • Polyvinyl chloride pipes (ESLON Pipe)

    Polyvinyl chloride pipes (ESLON Pipe)

    These are Japan’s first hard polyvinyl chloride pipes. The inner surfaces are smooth, and they are highly resistant to corrosion, light, and easy to work with. For over half a century, we have been supporting water supply and drainage infrastructure essential for life with our rich lineup of products with high performance meeting the needs of the times.

  • Polyethylene pipes (ESLO Hyper)

    Polyethylene pipes (ESLO Hyper)

    Workability is significantly improved as it is lighter and more flexible than steel pipes, and uses our unique electrofusion welding. It contributes greatly to the development of the water supply business as it can be used with peace of mind over long periods due to its excellence in corrosion resistance and hygiene.

  • Air-conditioning pipes (Kucho Hyper CH)

    Air-conditioning pipes (Kucho Hyper CH)

    This is the most suitable polyethylene pipe for hot and cold water. There is no need to worry about corrosion or leaks as it is highly durable and corrosion-resistant. In addition, it is light and can be worked with speedily. When combine with SUPER ESLOMETAX FC for hot and cold water branch pipes, ESLON Hyper AW for cooling water pipes and other products, an all-plastic integrated line construct can be achieved.

  • AC Drains and Piping

    AC Drains and Piping

    ESLON AC Drain Pipe, vinyl chloride pipes for drains with a layer to prevent condensation, has an all-in-one foam heat prevention layer in both the pipes and joints to prevent overall pipe condensation while making lagging unnecessary. This economic piping material requires no lagging materials or processes. It can also be speedily installed as AC drain piping for office buildings, hotels, hospitals and the like.

  • High performance valves and piping materials for industrial plants

    High performance valves and piping materials for industrial plants

    These are excellent in corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. They can be used for many situations, including as piping materials for industrial plants, pipes emphasizing hygiene such as for food and medical use, and ultrapure water pipelines in semiconductor plants, to achieve safe and clean production lines. Our rich lineup of products to support proper flow are used to create reliable pipelines in various industries.

  • Reinforced plastic composite pipe (ESLON RCP)

    Reinforced plastic composite pipe (ESLON RCP)

    ESLON RCP is a reinforced plastic composite pipe designed taking into consideration maintenance management once in use. It is a durable and flexible pipe that has good water-tightness and excellent strength, and can reduce construction times. There are versions for uses such as sewerage and agriculture.

  • Pipeline renewal systems (SPR method)

    Pipeline renewal systems (SPR method)

    Sewerage pipes are rehabilitated by lining the inner surface with hard polyvinyl chloride materials in a spiral shape, achieving longer lifespans. There is no need to dig up roads, construction periods are significantly shortened, and emission of industrial waste, such as soil and sand, is greatly reduced.

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Building and Living Environment

We provide components for building interiors such as prefabricated baths, nursing-care/self-reliance equipment, plastic tatami mats, and plastic decorative sheets for walls and furnishings, as well as exterior products such as rain gutters.


  • Building materials

    Building materials

    We offer building materials such as rain gutters, heat insulation materials, and materials for building exteriors.

  • Prefabricated bath for nursing care, and housing equipment and machinery

    Prefabricated bath for nursing care, and housing equipment and machinery

    Based on the keyword “changeable” in the bath market for nursing care facilities and hospitals, we provide prefabricated baths for nursing care to users requiring nursing care of various degrees, from support for self-reliance to severe cases. We also offer other housing equipment and machinery, such as EcoCute.

  • Plastic tatami mats (MIGUSA)

    Plastic tatami mats (MIGUSA)

    From houses to restaurants and hotels, these help to create spaces with a Japanese style. Using sophisticated plastics processing technology, the feeling and moisture absorption of soft rush is maintained while achieving high functionality such as durability, safety, and a rich blend of colors. The mats are resistant to mites and mold, and can be used by people with allergies with peace of mind.

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Advanced Materials

We supply functional plastic sheets for aircraft cabin interiors, construction machinery exteriors and medical equipment casings, synthetic lumber for railroad sleepers, sound insulation materials, and other materials for air and rail transport infrastructures. High performance containers are also provided for medical and industrial use. Furthermore, we are working on developing markets for new technologies and new materials such as thermoplastic CFRP.


  • Functional plastic sheets

    Functional plastic sheets

    We provide plastic molding sheets for a variety of uses, such as aircraft and vehicle interiors, housing materials for sophisticated medical equipment, and the exteriors of vehicles and construction machinery, to the United States and other parts of the world.

  • Fiber-reinforced foamed urethane (FFU)

    Fiber-reinforced foamed urethane (FFU)

    Synthetic lumber is made from rigid-foamed urethane reinforced with long glass fibers, and has the advantages of natural wood and plastics. It is lightweight, strong, durable, and easy to process. Its use has expanded to include railway sleepers, water treatment facilities, and anchor walls for landslide control. It is also increasingly being used overseas.

  • Vibration absorbing and soundproofing material (Calmmoon sheet)

    Vibration absorbing and soundproofing material (Calmmoon sheet)

    This is a mountable constrained vibration suppression sheet which is lightweight and thin, yet with high vibration absorption properties. It is used in many fields as a measure against vibrations and noise, such as railway noises.

  • Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics continuous atypical molding technology

    Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics continuous atypical molding technology

    In order for even plastics with high viscosity to be easily embedded with carbon fibers, we developed our own unique technology (fiber unraveling technology) to separate individual strands from bundled carbon fibers. We develop and offer products in a wide range of fields, such as infrastructure, civil engineering, and transport machinery.

  • High performance containers

    High performance containers

    We offer High performance containers for medical and industrial fields.

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Guttering kits

Extend the lifetime of your shed/ summer house with a guttering kit.

Guttering kits

Buy complete rain gutter kits online! In the colors brown, anthracite, black, white and grey. SEKISUI ESLON BV has built a strong reputation as a manufacturer of plastic guttering and accessories. Due the high gutter quality, they provide up to 10 years guarantee! In the online shops you can find also related products like zinc guttering, rain chains and rain barrels!

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